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Happy Horseshoes
Pony Parties & Special Events
Happy Horseshoes is a family-owned and operated business, that provides a very safe and fun activity with their gentle and well-groomed ponies and miniature horses. We will bring our Pony Parties to your home or to the facility that is hosting the event. Our staff will be in charge of all activities so you can have more time to  enjoy watching your children or guests have fun! We provide Pony Rides and non-riding activities such as Pony Painting, Grooming and Brushing, Obstacle Courses , Stick Horse races and Horse Bingo! We will work with you to create the most enjoyable activities that fit the age-group that will be in attendance at your event. We have the experience and ability to provide a very fun, safe and even educational experience, if you choose.

Happy Horseshoes is the only Pony Party business in central Indiana whose staff is trained and certified as Therapeutic Riding Instructors (PATH, Intl.), so any children who have disabilities are most welcome to participate in our party activities.

Whether you are planning a Birthday Party, a Family Reunion, a Block Party, a School or Church Event, or even a Corporate Outing, Happy Horseshoes will bring the ponies and the fun!

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We will work with you to provide the best and most fun activities that will meet the needs of your event!

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